Smoke Hole
Lots of people talk about Smoke Hole as a swimming spot. Not my opinion. South Branch of the Potomac River doesn't have any great rock structure.
38 50' 32"N
79 17' 06"W
Panther Falls
It almost achieves water park status. A couple of very good falls, the highest is around nine feet. Good jumps. Lots of people.
37 43' 07"N
79 17' 24"W
Shoe Creek
Probably worth a visit. There's a cascade on the creek and a basin with a zip line running across it. Good thing it's a zip line, 'cause the water isn't deep enough for jumping and there's nothing to jump from anyway.
37 47' 50"N
79 05' 54"W
Statons Falls
Tall fall right on a secondary state road. Very pretty, but only marginal as a swimming spot.
37 46' 07"N
79 14' 13"W
Goshen Pass
People always talk about driving up Goshen Pass to swim in the Maury River. Maybe the water was to low when I reviewed it, but it looked like a boulder-strewn riverbed. No really good impound to create a hole.
37 55' 11"N
79 26' 02"W
Alone Mill
Maury River. The bridge on County Route 622 and a minor rock face, maybe a 10 foot climb. Large gravel beach and lots of the usual litter including car parts.
37 51' 00"N
79 25' 20"W
Campbell Creek
Take State Route 56 to the access for the Appalachian Trail. Climb to the Mau-Har trail and the hole is where the trail veers right and starts a climb up the stream. Not worth the trip unless you're on the trail anyway.
37 52' 14"N
79 00' 22"W
Richardson Gorge
Nothing deep or interesting.
38 01' 49"N
79 53' 41"W