Brush Creek
Very pretty fall and a rope swing.  Water smelled nasty...and they say it's actually gotten better.
37° 27' 57"N
81° 03' 41"W
Eads Mill
Redneck hangout.  Some of the worst litter I've seen.
37° 28' 44"N
81° 04' 17"W
Mash Fork
In Camp Creek State Park.  Water doesn't pool enough to be a swimming hole.  Interesting rock, though.
37° 30' 04"N
81° 08' 34"W 
Suck Creek
A short, broad fall fills a pool about 30-feet wide.  Deep end is close to six feet.  Almost worth a visit based on the name alone.  
37° 36' 03"N
80° 59' 15"W
Cotton Hill
An ashtray.  This is a roadside spot along US 60.  Cigarettes butts collect in small depressions in the rock, and after a rain remain floating for days. 
38° 06' 59"N
81° 08' 41"W