Quarry Run
Actually an inlet on Cheat Lake.  Not that remarkable.
39° 39' 28"N
79° 50' 31"W
Audra State Park
At least one dozen places along the Middle Fork River where it passes through the park. Not lots of vertical but plenty of horizontal. Surprisingly deep given itís width. Really pretty slate color. Major family spot.
39° 02' 31"N
80° 04' 02"W
Whitaker Falls
One broad basin by a county road (CR 49, Valley Fork Rd.). Fascinating rock, though. A bank to bank bed of solid rock 100 yards long or more. Low angle though and consequently, no pool and not even steep enough for a slide, I doubt. Still, I bet itís impressive during higher flows. 
38° 31' 30"N
80° 11' 01"W
A popular spot in the Shavers Fork of the Cheat River just below the fish hatchery.  Lots of traffic from a huge collection of summer vacation trailers in the community of Faulkner.
38° 54' 44"N
79° 43' 17"W
Stuart Park
Shavers Fork of the Cheat River in the Monongahela National Forest.  A day use area thatís undistinguished compared to other places in the chapter. 
38° 55' 20"N
79° 46' 42"W