Pillow Rock
A steep trail from Carnifex State Park. Not really worth it as a swimming spot.
38° 12' 25"N
80° 56' 08"W
South Fork Cherry River
A couple of hip-deep holes called Chestnut and Willow.
Gorgeous place right by State Route 41, part of the "Miracle Mile" on the Meadow River. Iíve seen more litter, but I canít remember when.
38° 08' 04"N
80° 52' 59"W
Breedon Hole
In the Cherry River between LaFrank and Fenwick.  Local swimming hole in settled area among houses. 
Rudolph Fall
A community swimming hole in town of Richwood, WV.
38į 14' 20"N
80į 31' 45"W
Big Rock
Marginal place upstream from Woodbine on the Cranberry River.  Lots of campers.