News About Swimming Holes in Northern California

Dear Locals,

Creeks and rivers remain faster and colder than normal. Sierra rIvers fed by snow melt are killing people. Do not make decisions about safety of a spot based on past experience.Just because you did it before does not mean you can do it this year.

Many of the languid pools you've read about in hiking guides or seen on social media are currently unsafe for swimming.  

This web site is working to provide realtime data for critical indicators as well as special advisories and forecasts so you can more effectively plan a trip. Until those metrics are available use this simple rule:

When you get to the swimming hole toss a twig into the pool. If it moves more than five feet during the time it takes you to remove your shorts and shirt, the water may be too fast for you. The safety survey distance can double if you're a regular swimmer who can swim 100 meters in less than three minutes -- and have done it recently. Resist the temptation to dive in after Wade into the water to get used to the temperature. unless you're a surfer, witewater athlete or have swift water training.

And please, wear sport sandals or water shoes to prevent falls. Flipflop sandals not adequate for rock scrambling.



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